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Combo Deals

Looking for a bigger fill of authentic Chinese goodness?

Just add $3 to get a larger bottled drink and 2 more spring rolls (total of 4 spring rolls) and get stuffed without burning a hole through your wallet. Upgrade your meal today!

2 person combo

A deal for 2 is all you need for that perfect Chinese takeout.

Add $6 and get 2 larger bottled drinks (375ml) and 4 MORE spring rolls for a total of 10 spring rolls! Get that authentic Chinese stuffing without spending too much. Elevate that partner meal to the next level today!

family pack
Food tastes better when you eat with your family. It tastes even better when you have a feast to share with them! For just $79.90, you get to share authentic Chinese takeaway with your family at an unbeatable price. You get 4 main course dishes, 10 spring rolls, 4 Dim Sims, 1 Karaage Chicken, 8 dumplings and 2 big bottles of your drink (1.25L) of choice. Indulge yourself in a mouthwatering dinner with your family today!
wok tossed range
Noodle-Dumpling Coomera
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chef special