Why go for Asian Fusion? You might wonder.

Asian Fusion is a general term used to categorise different types of dishes and styles of cooking mixed with other types of dishes that are specific to various Asian regions.

Instead of sticking to a single style of cooking, Asian Fusion experiments with all the different flavours Asia is known for and uses cooking techniques traditionally applied in Asian dishes.

As a result, exciting new dishes are created while traditional ones are refined and improved. A new dish is being invented while making sure that it stays true to the history and tradition it was founded on.

This is the reason why while Noodle and Dumpling features Chinese food in Coomera, we incorporated a lot of Asian dishes that are enjoyed by many. Our menu showcases much-loved dishes from all over Asia. You’ll see Japanese Fried Dumplings, Pad Thai Noodles, Singaporean Noodles, Laksa and a lot more!

At the present, Noodle and Dumpling Coomera, the best Asian takeaway in Coomera, seeks to bring the unique flavours of Chinese cuisine and Asian dishes into an appetizing menu that will keep Coomera diners and Asian food takeaway in Coomera seekers unreservedly satisfied and yet, still craving for more!

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Chinese food takeaway in Coomera or Asian food takeaway in Coomera?

There are a great number of Chinese dishes and Asian food that has gained worldwide recognition, thanks to the abundance of Chinese restaurants in almost all parts of the world.

When people think of Chinese food and Asian dishes, they would immediately think of noodles, dumplings, rice, braised pork, roasted duck, spring rolls, and a lot more!

At Noodle and Dumpling Coomera, we work hard to provide the best Asian and Chinese food in Coomera. We created a menu that is easy for Asian food enthusiasts to recognize while striving hard to present the best Asian food in Coomera.

We want you to immediately think of Noodle and Dumpling Coomera when you crave Asian flavours and exciting Asian dishes. We offer Asian food lovers a taste of authentic Chinese Cuisine people enjoy and crave over and over again.

Noodle and Dumpling Coomera offers you the best Chinese food and Asian dishes among the numerous places for a takeaway in Coomera.

Aside from our unbeatable Noodle dishes and extremely delish Dumpling sets, our diners have nothing but awesome things to say about our Karaage Chicken, Satay Chicken, Fried rice, and many more. You can check out our menu to get a glimpse of our exciting dishes!

If you want a taste of authentic Chinese Takeaway in Coomera and experience many other Asian flavours that spark joy and bring comfort, you should get a taste of Noodle and Dumpling Coomera’s dishes! 

With so much history and intricate flavours experienced in Asian cuisine, you can’t go wrong trying out the best Asian takeaway in Coomera. 

Ready for mouthwatering Asian food takeaway in Coomera? Check out our Menu and Order Online now!

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Combo Deals

Looking for a bigger fill of authentic Chinese goodness?

Just add $3 to get a larger bottled drink and 2 more spring rolls (total of 4 spring rolls) and get stuffed without burning a hole through your wallet. Upgrade your meal today!

2 person combo

A deal for 2 is all you need for that perfect Chinese takeout.

Add $6 and get 2 larger bottled drinks (375ml) and 4 MORE spring rolls for a total of 10 spring rolls! Get that authentic Chinese stuffing without spending too much. Elevate that partner meal to the next level today!

family pack
Food tastes better when you eat with your family. It tastes even better when you have a feast to share with them! For just $79.90, you get to share authentic Chinese takeaway with your family at an unbeatable price. You get 4 main course dishes, 10 spring rolls, 4 Dim Sims, 1 Karaage Chicken, 8 dumplings and 2 big bottles of your drink (1.25L) of choice. Indulge yourself in a mouthwatering dinner with your family today!


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