When you think of Chinese Cuisine, your mind immediately pictures a table of stir-fried vegetables, noodles, dumplings, and those amazing chicken dishes. Lucky for you, all you need is to make a quick search for Chinese Food or a Chinese restaurant in your area, in our case, Coomera, QLD. You will find Noodle and Dumpling, we offer you a taste of authentic Chinese Cuisine you will enjoy and crave over and over again.

The Chinese cuisine caters to diverse rich flavours that spark joy in the hearts of many of its customers worldwide. Even though Chinese dishes have reached the global stage of modern cuisine in terms of relevance, Chinese food still carries rich history and traditions through the ingredients used and methods of preparation.

If you are craving another night of Chinese food, make sure to include any of these in your takeaway:


Dumplings are the best. It is just plain wrong to order Chinese food without them. You can find them steamed, pan-fried, or boiled. Dumplings are widely popular in China. It is rooted deep into their tradition. Preparing Dumplings for the Chinese New Year is a shared family experience. 

Stir-Fried Noodles

Stir-fried noodles are household staples in China. This is a dish that is loved by both kids and adults. It may seem simple to prepare but when done right, it packs a lot of flavours. This is one of the best Chinese food you’ll definitely fall in love with over and over again.

Fried Rice

 Rice is another staple in Chinese cooking. It blends well with most of the main dishes as it balances the rich and strong flavours, Rice and eggs are the two main components of traditional fried rice. Today, it is served with different kinds of meat and vegetables that enrich its fragrance and flavours. This is another simple-looking dish that is to die for. 

Spring Rolls

You can’t go wrong with Spring Rolls. Like the dumplings, Chinese food night is incomplete without vegetable spring rolls, period. Spring Rolls are readily available in a Chinese Restaurant.

If you are unsure what to order, you can begin with these rolls of heaven that are crunchy on the outside and flavourful on the inside. The vegetable filling will whet your appetite and you are hooked for a second bite. 

We have barely touched the surface! Chinese cuisine offers mouth-watering dishes that will leave you full and satisfied.

There are more dishes to try like the Mongolian Beef, Salad Fish Beef Prawns, Kung Pao Chicken or Shrimp, Honey-Lemon Chicken, and a lot more! Make a quick search for the nearest Chinese food restaurants near you.


If you are vegan, better ask for vegetarian-friendly vegan options available. Take a quick look at our menu and see what is best for you. 

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Combo Deals

Looking for a bigger fill of authentic Chinese goodness?

Just add $3 to get a larger bottled drink and 2 more spring rolls (total of 4 spring rolls) and get stuffed without burning a hole through your wallet. Upgrade your meal today!

2 person combo

A deal for 2 is all you need for that perfect Chinese takeout.

Add $6 and get 2 larger bottled drinks (375ml) and 4 MORE spring rolls for a total of 10 spring rolls! Get that authentic Chinese stuffing without spending too much. Elevate that partner meal to the next level today!

family pack
Food tastes better when you eat with your family. It tastes even better when you have a feast to share with them! For just $79.90, you get to share authentic Chinese takeaway with your family at an unbeatable price. You get 4 main course dishes, 10 spring rolls, 4 Dim Sims, 1 Karaage Chicken, 8 dumplings and 2 big bottles of your drink (1.25L) of choice. Indulge yourself in a mouthwatering dinner with your family today!


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